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Road to Evenmind. Although this name is a relatively new interpretation for the name we've had for years, it couldn't describe more accurately the journey we are going through as a band and as individuals. Evenmind is not a physical place, but a state of mind, that every human-being wants to get to eventually, in a conscious or unconscious way. It is a one word representation for the comfort, satisfaction, complacence, serenity, peace and happiness we are trying to achieve in our lives through money, success, recognition, fame, love, sex or drugs. Short visits in those places motivate us to continue the quest for fulfilling the ultimate purpose and getting to our golden chair, where we'll get convinced that everything happened for a reason, and even the worst moments were worth experiencing, just to appreciate more the things we've accomplished.


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03.03.11 - New video clip: "Practical"

After "Association Practice" and "Life's Bottom Line", we've now released our third video clip, "Practical", from the album "Diagnosis: Unsolved. Check it out now in our videos page!


27.2.11 - Radio show and new video

RTE will be hosted in "The Secret Show" on Oranim Radio (106fm North Israel area), on next Thursday, March 10th, at 21:00. But, before that.. a new video is coming! Stay tuned for updates!


19.01.11 - RTE in "End of the Scale" studio on 106FM Emek Izrael radio

RTE will be hosted on "End of The Scale" rock show on Emek Izrael (north Israel) radio, 106FM. The show will be broadcasted on Monday, January 31th, 19:00 (local time) and will include an exclusive interview with the band and lots of good music. The show will be available for streaming as well, a link will be posted when it's online. Stay tuned!


31.12.10 - New year, new plans!

2011 is almost here and Road to Evenmind has many plans for the new year! New live dates, radio interviews and international magazines coverage. New updates soon, Happy new year!


10.12.10 - Buy "Diagnosis: Unsolved" online!

You can now order "Diagnosis: Unsolved" to anywhere in the world through CDBaby, and also to buy the MP3 version of the album. If you live in Israel, you can buy and order the album from Metalshop, and you can find it as well in other stores such as Disc-Center and UFO. Get your copy now!


24.11.10 - New live videos from launching show published!

Visit our videos page now and watch two brand new live videos from launching show on August, with performances of "Association Practice" and "Life's Bottom Line". Many thanks to Niv Majar's excellent production team.. more videos coming soon!


14.11.10 - New live photos, new live video soon!

Check our photos section for some of our latest live photos (or our myspace, for the extended list), taken at two shows on August, by photographers Leeann Nissan and Matan Sagas. We will publish a new live HD video from the "Diagnosis: Unsolved" launching show very soon, and will announce new live dates as well. stay tuned!


05.10.10 - Lyrics available and more!

So first of all: lyrics for all "Diagnosis: Unsolved" is now available on our website - just go to discography page, and click on the song's name to view it's lyrics. What else? You are welcome to visit our reverbnation page to check videos, music and updates and to show some support!


23.09.10 - Where to get "Diagnosis: Unsolved"

Since we're still in the process of searching for the most effective and convenient worldwide distribution for our new album "Diagnosis" Unsolved", and in the meanwhile we recieve more and more demand for it, we've decided first of all, to enable a worldwide PayPal purchase and shipping of the album directly from this website. It will probably take about two weeks until the service will be available, but until then you are welcome to leave us a request in This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


27.07.10 - Mailbox problems !

For anyone who tried to reach us within the last few weeks via our e-mail address, and encountered a delivery failure notification - don't take it personally! we've had a severe mailbox technical issue, which we just solved - by opening a new mailbox. We'll be happy to get your mail! send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


16.07.10 - "Diagnosis: Unsolved" Launching show!

RTE will celebrate the release of "Diagnosis: Unsolved" with a launching show that will take place on August 28th in Sublime club, Tel Aviv. Opening act is Pie-Q, which recently released their new EP. more details soon!

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